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LookUs Ltd. was established in 1999 to address the needs of the academic community in the electronic collection, management, and distribution of scientific research. We offer customized internet-based information services and solutions to customers within pharmaceutical, medical and academic communities.

We plan on maximizing the value of science and education derived from medical meetings. On behalf of our clients by showing this valuable content via the web and other media.

We're also distributor and authorised reseller of leading scientific software in the country and Middle East.

Enrich your events with the best solutions

A qualified congress web site not only enounces to the information faster but also shows the importance you serve.

LookUs Team, has developed over than 500 web sites by respecting these features for years. We aim offer the best and unprecedented solutions for your events.

Our meetings industry solutions, abstract and content management, online registration & accommodation with online payment, online scientific program building, e-posters and many more solutions enrich your organizations and to be swift you.

Total solution for peer-reviewed journals

We develop Manuscript Submission and Tracking systems for Peer Reviewed Journals:

  • Can be activated in just minutes, fully functional within a day integrated to your system
  • Manuscripts collected according to the global criterias and under the Editorial Policy Statements approved by the most academic comunities.
  • Online progress tracking
  • Easy-to-use advanced search options
  • Manage accepted manuscripts and plan "in-press"
  • Publishers can grab the accepted manuscripts from the system using their accounts. Publisher-author relationships can be established directly. At the final stage, they can upload the proof PDFs to the system.
  • Record all logs, conversations, e-mail messages and SMS' in the system.

All-in-one solutions for Associations

One of our primary customers are Associations and we develop many solutions for them:

  • Build unique designed web sites.
  • Online member management systems (keep member info, track annual fees etc.)
  • Send announcements & regluar newsletters to all or selected groups.
  • IT consulting to shape online contents & build E-learning solutions.
  • Developing new technologies and offer for future trends.

And we also serve monthly management services for all online services. That includes consulting for educational materials and sending periodically announcements.

We're working over 30 National and International Associations for 14 years.

Scientific Softwares

We supports academic researches to supply needed softwares in our zone.

So we're represent world leading physics, chemistry and engineering software companies in Turkey and Middle East:


Wavefun Inc. -
inuTech -
PQS  -
Thermo Electron -

Authorised resellerships:

Gaussian Inc.  -
Fujitsu  -
Hyper Inc. -
Schrödinger  -

Scientific Softwares

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